They say the early bird gets the worm but I would argue that the early bird catches the best wave. At least that’s how it worked out for this gorgeous sunrise surf session in Oahu, Hawaii.

I met up with Haleigh and Cole in Kaneohe on the east side of Oahu in early 2020. Even though I am more of a night owl I was stoked to meet these cuties at sunrise for their couples surf session. As we pulled up to the beach the first rays of light were coming over the mountains. The sky was filled with gorgeous colors as we unloaded the boards and hit the water.

We had the best time getting in the water, rolling and laughing on the beach, and getting to see a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise. I highly recommend incorporating something you love to do together into your couples photo session. For Haleigh and Cole this meant a sunrise surf session in Oahu, Hawaii. Even if surfing isn’t your thing there are still tons of ways we can incorporate your story into your photos. Doing this can make your time in front of the camera feel more like a fun date and less like a modeling gig.

Photographer: @marissa_kaitlyn_

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